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Am I Paying too Much in Mold Removal Costs?

Once you understand all that goes into removing mold from your home, you’ll have a better idea of what’s quoted to you—and what makes sense for your situation and budget.

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It’s bad enough to find mold in your home, but how can you tell a good mold remediation price from an outrageous one? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the mold remediation process, as well as the pricing you can expect from professional mold remediation experts in Los Angeles county. Once you understand all that goes into removing mold from your home, you’ll have a better idea of what’s quoted to you—and what makes sense for your situation and budget.


Mold causes a variety of health problems in most individuals. Many people experience a number of health issues including respiratory problems and allergic reactions. While visible mold may look relatively harmless, it’s actually the airborne spores that spread the mold colony which causes the most distress.

It’s a common misconception that mold can be taken care of with a little bleach and some elbow grease. “True remediation,” however, “involves sealing the room, filtering the air, and removing odors, as well as cleaning and killing the mold itself.”

If you were to take on this lengthy process yourself, you “may miss underlying issues, such as leaks, and may not adequately contain the mold spores.” The last thing you want is to have spent a large amount of time on DIY remediation only to have to then pay experts to come in and do the job the right way.  


For these reasons—and more—it’s a great idea to hire a professional mold remediation service. Experts like those at Mold Zero are “trained to find the mold, identify sources, evaluate the level and quantity of growth, contain it, and physically remove it efficiently.” A single spore can mean the difference between removing the mold completely and having to deal with another mold problem soon thereafter.

The average mold remediation process begins with drying out any water-damaged areas that may also experience high humidity levels. The mold infestation usually starts in these parts, where a pipe may have burst or you may have experienced roof leaks. Once repairs have been completed in these areas, testing may occur. You can speak to a representative at Mold Zero to learn more about why and when testing may be necessary.

Next comes the process of containment and cleaning. Barriers are put in place to seal any spores and the mold is removed with specifically designed HEPA vacuums. Once the mold infestation is removed, a deep cleaning process sanitizes any surfaces to eradicate any remaining spores. If something can’t be cleaned in this way, it is often disposed of.

Here at Mold Zero, our approach is a little different. We use a dry fog process that destroys mold spores to keep them away. This dry fog recognizes mold to eradicate it on contact. In fact, the fog is perfect to use in hospitals, daycares, gyms, and even in your vehicle. In some cases, dry fogging is so effective there may not be a need for tearing out drywall. Call Mold Zero at 626-671-8885 to learn more about our patented dry fog process and obtain a free quote.


During the process of calling in a professional mold remediation specialist and asking for estimates, you may hear a variety of terms referencing a particular mold.

Below is a list of some of the most common types of mold in homes:

  • Chaetomium: bluish-green and musty smelling
  • Ulocladium: brown, gray, or greenish-black and grows alongside other types of mold
  • Alternaria: side effects include cold-like symptoms
  • Aspergillus: white that turns to black, brown, yellow, and green
  • White mold: white that changes colors
  • Cladosporium: found on nearly all surfaces
  • Green mold: found on food
  • Black mold: “stains the surfaces it grows on and is difficult to remediate”
  • Serpula lacrymans: deep yellow and causes dry rot in wood it feeds on
  • Fusarium: fast-spreading and can cause infections of the nails and cornea

All said and done, there are actually over 100 different types of mold. While the type of mold doesn’t necessarily affect the remediation costs significantly, it can be helpful to know what type of mold you’re dealing with.  


Generally speaking, mold remediation services can range anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 in price. That breaks down to an estimated $15-$30 per square foot rate. You may also see a per-hour rate for professional services, which typically range anywhere from $75 to $108 per hour. Let’s break those numbers down a bit further.

“Mold does not commonly fill an entire space,” so that’s why many mold remediation companies charge based on different factors. Cost can also depend on how early you find the mold infestation, how much repair needs to be completed, and what materials need to be replaced. Some companies may find it easier to charge based on how long the job will take, since different areas of one house may not be the same size as the house next door.

To further contextualize this, vents, the underside of the roof deck, bathrooms, and crawl spaces can typically cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 to remediate. For attics, drywall, concrete block walls, basements, and air ducts, costs can add up to $2,000 to $7,000. Worst case scenario, an entire home can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. With every “0” added to the cost, the severity of the mold infestation increases.

Many people ask if their homeowner’s insurance covers mold remediation. The long and short of it is that you’ll have to check into your individual policy to verify coverage. “Some insurance companies cover mold remediation, particularly if caused by a leak or flood,” but if you ignored a small leak for a while, negligence could play a part  in whether or not you’ll have coverage.


Like any other service, you’ll want to gather a few estimates before hiring a mold remediation specialist. Ask any questions you may have regarding the process a specific company uses. You should also request an itemized estimate that includes the entire process, from testing (if necessary) to deep cleaning. If necessary, feel free to reference the guidelines above. Note that they are an average cost and don’t represent every situation, but the rates can help you contextualize the estimates you receive.    

Please call Mold Zero at 626-671-8885 for your free estimate. We’re happy to discuss our process with you, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the mold remediation process.


It’s incredibly important to your health to address mold concerns as soon as possible. That means calling in professional mold remediation services such as those provided by Mold Zero. It’s important to gather quotes before hiring a company, especially when you’re not sure how much you should be paying. This guide should act as a reference and hopefully helps contextualize the numbers you receive. After all, when your health is at stake, time is of the essence.

The quality of the air you breathe in your home is important to us. Feel free to call us at 626-671-8885 for an estimate on removing mold from your life, so you can breathe easy once more.

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