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My husband was having serious health issues. We traveled to Europe to seek out medical care. We also wanted to make sure our home was free from harm. So, while we were gone Raymond came and treated our home. He took care of everything for us and went the extra mile. He even made sure my cat was properly cared for in our detached garage so that he would be free from harm. I trust these guys 100%.

Kristin Garret

My water heater hose burst and showered the kitchen area one night while we were sleeping. A few days after it was repaired, the mold smell was overwhelming. I could hardly breathe.

I read reviews for Mold Zero services and saw that many people had to remediate their place more than once and their second and final attempt was with Mold Zero. Mold Zero did the job!!

The quality of the work and professionalism is outstanding, excellent! The first application provided immediate relief from the overwhelming mold smell that quickly covered my entire home. Chris and Raymond were kind, considerate, and knowledgeable. Great guys!

Mold Zero team took the time to educate me on the process, explained why they would not need to reapply, and returned three times to check the air quality. All is well. It was worth every dime. Thank you!

Renee C

MoldZero is the best. Raymond and the entire staff were extremely helpful. No matter how many times I reached out to ask him a question Raymond was there to help me. My daughter suffers from mold allergies and of course, there was mold in the house, especially in her room.

Raymond came in, gave me a very reasonable quote, booked the spraying, came that week, treated the home, and had the results of the mold test fast after. He made sure the job was done and my house was free of hazardous mold in an extremely efficient manner.

He was pleasant to work with and helpful along the way, and his team is warm, personable, kind, and knowledgable. I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again, if needed, and recommend them to anyone of my friends or family!

Michelle M

Very Responsive – and confirmed every appointment with a text and email. Very helpful, has a great product, professional, and we didn’t have to leave our home! They helped us with a mold problem in our home that was in a difficult spot to fix – and they did it quickly. We would highly recommend them!

Kirk G

I am an apartment renter in the middle of handling a mold and black mold situation. My landlord is handling the problem with a mold company that she has chosen. Trying to become informed as a renter, I took it upon myself to reach out to mold companies myself. I cannot begin to say how much I appreciated the customer service from Raymond with Mold Zero. He actually answered the phone, which was incredible after having called several companies and getting all answering machines during business hours.

He was so helpful. He was knowledgeable, answered all of my questions, and made recommendations for me TWICE!! Two phone calls and two lengthy conversations which added up to about 40 minutes of his time and ultimately gave zero back to him except this review.

I have to let my landlord use who she chooses, but if I were in charge of who was hired to handle getting this mold job done, I would use Raymond and Mold Zero IN A HEARTBEAT. I’d bet their actual service is as value-based, if not more than, their initial customer service is!

Brenda G

This company and its professionals have restored my faith that truly good, ethical companies and professionals do still exist. We had a mold situation caused by a slab leak that needed immediate remediation and a close, trusted friend recommended MoldZero since its new proprietary process for mold remediation was supposed to be nondestructive, totally effective, and harmless. We got the treatment done on our very large home in a single day, with no hassles or inconvenience and the final lab report showed no traces of mold. Wow!!! Truly miraculous! Their professionals also had to deal with my horrible tenants and they handled them with zero issues. This is the future of mold remediation and honestly, I have no idea why anyone would use anyone else. Thanks!!!!!

Jeffrey S

Christine is super professional, she really helps me a lot! Go find Christine!


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