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Expert Commercial Mold Removal in Los Angeles

Opt for our Los Angeles Commercial Mold Removal services to ensure a free from harm and clean work environment. Our experts use cutting-edge technology to efficiently address mold problems. Call us at (626) 671-8885 for a comprehensive solution.
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Get professional commercial mold removal in Los Angeles, CA to keep your business free from harm and clean. Trust our experts to eliminate mold and ensure a clean and clean environment for your commercial property.

Highly-Trained Crew

That’s why our team of experts is here to offer our mold remediation services to anyone in Los Angeles County. Mold remediation can be a relatively large undertaking without the proper resources, which is why it’s critical to seek help from experts if your commercial property is experiencing mold growth. 

Our highly-trained crew is available to remove mold from your property so as to restore your business space to its previous condition. Because mold is a serious hazard for all occupants, we must remediate it as soon as possible.

Call or message us today for free, on-site mold inspections and estimate if you’re looking for commercial mold removal in Los Angeles, CA. 

Basics of Mold Removal

Mold growth, along with being incredibly toxic, usually grows in hard-to-reach places. Because of this, you must hire a professional to remove any mold growth within your building. Many customers like to turn to unlicensed contractors because of the high price of professional mold removal. However, this is a bad idea since most unlicensed contractors do a sub-optimal job.

If you want to remove mold from your business completely, it’s best to hire experts in ‌mold removal. Your wallet and your health will thank you in the long run!

Mold Removal Process

The mold removal process involves a myriad of different steps, which is why it is best to hire mold remediation professionals to take care of the job for you.

Using Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When cleaners remove mold, the mold spots can release toxic spores into the air. These spores can cause serious respiratory problems. All of our technicians come fully equipped with PPE, including vinyl/neoprene gloves, protective clothing, and N-95 masks. 

Dry Fog vs Traditional Method

Mold Zero is uniquely different from most traditional mold companies. We use a patented process that gets rid of mold in your business in a matter of hours so you can come home that night to a mold-free space. Our special dry fog process has gone through rigorous testing which makes it the perfect solution for mold removal in Los Angeles county.

How It Works - Just 2 Steps

Step One

We create a fine 'dry fog' with the dry fogging process that penetrates into every corner of a room without dampening any of the surfaces. The particles in the dry fog seek our harmful mold and destroy it on contact.

Step Two

The second step provides a protective shield on surfaces in your home that prevents mold growth by controlling to break down mold toxins, which helps prevent future mold growth. We offer a 1-year guarantee if there is no new water intrusion.

Mold Growth FAQs

If you have further questions about commercial mold remediation, these frequently asked questions may help.

Removing mold by yourself free from harmly and effectively can be both dangerous and expensive if you don’t possess the right tools and free from harmty equipment before removing it. That’s why you should seek the help of a professional technician before attempting to remove mold yourself.

The cost of mold removal varies depending on the severity. It’s best to get a professional to come out, inspect it, and give a price quote.

Mold removal simply removes the mold without addressing the source of the issue. Mold remediation, alternatively, focuses on combating the source of the mold infestation, to ensure the time reduces or eliminates mold issues to the point that they no longer pose a risk.

All types of mold are essential parts of our environment. They act as decomposers for dead plant matter and aid in recycling nutrients throughout our environment. The only issue is that they don’t discriminate—whether it’s a fallen log or a house, mold will grow on whatever food source is available.

Molds can release tiny spores into the air that can easily make their way into the lungs of building occupants. Touching or ingesting foods with mold can also expose you to mold spores.

Allergic reactions are most common among most people who become exposed to mold, though it can more severely affect those who are at risk, such as the elderly, children, and people with immunodeficiency disorders. 

The best way to reduce mold growth in your building is by diligently watching out for any water leaks or increased moisture. These are the main perpetrators of mold growth, so it’s good to watch for them and repair them quickly.

Why Choose Mold Zero?

All our crew members are in-house and experts in their field, so you can rest easy knowing there are no subcontractors or middlemen to deal with when choosing us for your mold removal service.

We work hard to ensure we do the job correctly and address every detail. We also strive to be respectful of our customers’ property during the mold removal process. If you’re experiencing mold growth in your place of business, our team of professionals will be there to locate and eradicate the mold with respect.

Contact us today for a free estimate and mold inspection of your business!

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