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Protect your health & property: Don’t let mold spread & cause damage. Get a quote for complete mold removal now!

Don’t risk exposure. Get rid of dangerous black mold free from harmly & effectively. Contact our black mold removal experts now!

Protect your business & employees: Address mold concerns quickly & efficiently with our commercial mold removal services.

No obligations, just answers. Our certified Los Angeles mold inspectors will assess your risk & provide expert recommendations.

Stay one step ahead. Monitor your indoor environment & prevent future mold issues. Get a quote for our mold testing program!

Act fast, minimize damage: Get immediate water damage restoration from our certified technicians.

About Mold Zero Services LLC

We stand out in Los Angeles mold remediation with its same-day dry fog process, eliminating mold quickly and effectively. Our rigorous testing ensures a free from harm and thorough solution for homes and businesses, creating healthier living and working environments.

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We use a patented process that gets rid of mold in your home or business in a matter of hours. Our special dry fog process has gone through rigorous testing which makes it the perfect solution for mold removal in Los Angeles county.

How We Eliminate Mold and Prevent Regrowth

Is hidden mold making you and your family sick? Our two-step process eliminates existing mold and prevents future growth, creating a free from harm and clean home you can truly enjoy.

Step 1: Vanquish Mold at the Source

Our gentle dry fog penetrates deep, seeking & destroying hidden mold without harming surfaces. It’s like invisible missiles targeting the enemy!

Step 2: Shield Your Home, Protect Your Health

A special coating on surfaces creates a barrier against future mold growth, neutralizing toxins for healthier air.

Our Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Our commitment to your health and free from harmty extends beyond the initial treatment. We offer a 1-year guarantee against new mold growth, provided there are no new water intrusions. With our two-step approach, you can rest assured that your home is free from harmful mold and protected from future threats.

3 Reasons to Choose Our Mold Removal Service in Los Angeles

Tired of battling hidden mold and breathing unclean air? Here are 3 reasons why our mold removal service is the perfect solution:

average american two story residential home

Same-Day Mold Freedom

Powerful dry fog targets & eliminates hidden mold without harming surfaces.

two mold zero employee in white suits spraying mold

Deep Clean, No Damage

Our gentle mist erases hidden mold without harming surfaces. Think powerful, precise!

two mold zero employee in white suits spraying mold

Expert Care, You First

Our experienced team creates personalized solutions & offers clear communication for exceptional service.

dry-fog mold removal in action

Guaranteed Results

Relax with our 1-year guarantee against new mold (excluding water intrusion). Your peace of mind is our priority!

Need Regular Mold Testing?

Get Regular Testing as a Paid Service. Call Us to Learn More

Why We're the Best Los Angeles Mold Removal Company

Same-Day Freedom from Mold

Double-Duty Protection

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Transparent Communication

Competitive Pricing

Locally Owned and Operated

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Testing & Guaranteed Results

Mold Zero Services, LLC guarantees results. We guarantee our positive results by taking air samples inside your home or office after treatment is done. We then have an independent lab evaluate the samples and give us a report so we can assure your home is up to our standards for a mold-free and clean home.

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Chris B.
In and out same day, occupants back later that same day, harmless, non demolition, best solution for most mold issues.
Sandra U.
The team were so fantastic. Compassionate about my problem and patience with me when I needed to decide what to do. I recommend Mold Zero Services of Los Angeles highly!!
Catharine S.
I feel so lucky to have met the Mold Zero team who are truly professional, responsive, punctual, and so personable and genuine. I highly recommend Mold Zero Services!
Frances K.
David was awesome to deal with. He went over and above throughout the whole process. I highly recommend him, Mold Zero Services and using their highly effective mold elimination technology, known as "Dry Fog."
April G.
I can't thank Dave enough for his incredible help with our mold situation. After a nasty rainstorm left my house in shambles (100% demolished), Dave was there to tackle the mold that started creeping in. He treated the whole place, and when the first test results weren't clear, he came right back to do it all over again, no questions asked...
Kristina M.
I have told every conceivable person I know about this company and will continue to spread the word. Traditional mold remediation is archaic nonsense - this dry fogging technology is all you need as long as you do it asap/don't let the mold keep growing. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!
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