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Mold Zero is uniquely different from most traditional mold companies. We use a patented process that gets rid of mold in your home or business in a matter of hours so you can come home that night to a mold-free home. Our special dry fog process has gone through rigorous testing which makes it the perfect solution for mold removal in Los Angeles county.

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Step One

We create a fine 'dry fog' with the dry fogging process that penetrates into every corner of a room without dampening any of the surfaces. The particles in the dry fog seek our harmful mold and destroy it on contact.

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Step Two

The second step provides a protective shield on surfaces in your home that prevents mold growth by controlling to break down mold toxins, which helps prevent future mold growth. We offer a 1-year guarantee if there is no new water intrusion.

Why Use Our 'Dry Fog" Mold Removal?

We use a patented "dry fog" process that seeps into every corner of your home seeking out even the smallest mold colonies and destroying them on contact. We can complete most jobs in less than 1 day, often with LITTLE TO NO DEMOLITION. Residential or commercial, Mold Zero is ready to help, give us a call, and get rid of your mold problems today!

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Little to zero demolition

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Return Same Day

Same day completion

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1-year guarantee or a free rework*

Why Mold Zero LLC?

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If you want an environment free from toxic mold we can schedule a free evaluation. Our certified mold removal professionals will evaluate your property and offer a solution to effectively handle your mold problems.

Testing & Guaranteed Results

Mold Zero Services, LLC guarantees results. We guarantee our positive results by taking air samples inside your home or office after treatment is done. We then have an independent lab evaluate the samples and give us a report so we can assure your home is up to our standards for a mold-free and healthy home.

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Customer Testimonials

We are proud to excel and consistently get 4 and 5-star reviews.

We are Highly Recommended Certified Professionals, Mold Assessors, and Remediation Experts

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If you need help removing mold and want to clean your home or office we can schedule a free evaluation. Our certified professionals will evaluate your property and offer a solution to effectively handle your mold problems.