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5 Common Reasons for Mold in Los Angeles

Here are 5 common reasons mold grows inside your home and how you can prevent mold from growing where you live.

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Why does mold grow in my house and how do I prevent it? Mold is an unending part of nature, and out in the wilderness, it plays a vital role in our ecosystem.  Inside our homes, however, they are a nuisance and can cause an allergic reaction, especially for those with weakened immune systems.

You can’t remove mold from a living space forever but at the very least you can take certain measures to make it harder for mold to grow in your home. 

Below are 5 common reasons mold grows inside your home and how you can prevent mold from growing where you live:

1) Mold Spores

Mold spores are typically the first cause of mold. They usually enter your home from the outside and cannot be seen with the ordinary eye.

2) Moisture

Hidden spots are the likeliest for mold to grow, so you should check common areas. such as the kitchen or bathroom sink. Moisture control is critical in your fight against mold. Have water damage? Make sure your repair water damage within 48 hours to prevent mold growth.

3) Oxygen

Oxygen contributes to mold’s biological, chemical, and physical growth. It cannot divide cells and create mass without oxygen. However, it is impossible to remove air from your home.

4) Absence of Sun

The cellular structure of mold is easily destroyed by ultraviolet rays of natural sunlight. This explains why they prefer dim or dark areas outside and why they like to live indoors.

5) Food Source

Mold can feed on organic materials sealed in wood panels or the wallboard. It can also feed on small amounts of dirt and dust, despite your best efforts at cleaning.

6 Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

Here are some quick tips to avoid hiring mold removal services.

  1. Clean-dry areas with water damage or leakage within 24-48 hours of damage.
  2. When showering, open the window or use a bathroom fan to keep the air circulating.
  3. Vent moisture-producing appliances to the outdoors regularly, e.g., stoves and cloth dryers.
  4. Maintain good ventilation in your home to improve air quality and avoid dampness.
  5. Do not use carpets in bathrooms and humid basements.
  6. Add a layer of insulation to reduce the possibility of cold surface condensation

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