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7 Common Places Where Mold Hides In Your Home

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Mold is a natural part of life and as much as we would like to keep it from entering our homes, there is no way around it.  Mold needs a couple of things to survive, that being a source of moisture, food, oxygen, and ideally an absence of sunlight.  Without proper maintenance, our homes can end up being the perfect place to harbor mold colonies leading to the destruction of our homes and harming our health.

Below is an infographic about where you can find mold in your home.  If you suspect that your home may be suffering from mold exposure, use the infographic below as a checklist and make sure that your home has not been taken over by mold. Request a free mold inspection.

1) Chimneys

Water, soot, leaves, and dust are all things that can accumulate inside a chimney. This makes it a perfect breeding ground for mold.

2) Roof

Be vigilant about leaks in and around your roof. If water enters your home through your roof, there is a possibility that mold will find the moisture and make your home theirs.

3) Window Sills

Water can accumulate around the edges of sills. Combine this excessive amount of moisture with dirt and dust, and you have an ideal breeding ground for mold.

4) Air Conditioners

The organic material that can collect in your air conditioning unit is a valuable resource that mold can use to grow. Running your AC regularly keeps the vents dry and mold-free.

5) Washing Machines

Unless you are leaving the door to your front-loading washing machine open after every use, the rubber gasket in your machine can remain wet for a long time, allowing mold to flourish in these dark and moist conditions.

6) Underneath the Sink

Leaks can lead to excessive amounts of water under your sink. Pay attention to the smell that comes from underneath your sink. If something smells off, odds are that you have a mold problem and may require mold remediation.

7) Flooring

Often, we don’t think about the padding that is underneath our carpet. If your carpet is wet, be sure to not only dry the carpet but also the layer underneath.

Might Have Mold?

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